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Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Electromagnetic Flowmeter

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GN CX-WEMFM Electromagnetic Flowmeter is a flowmeter for measuring almost any kind of electronic conductivity liquid such as corrosive liquid, mud and slurry, clean water, waste water, etc.

GN CX-WEMFM Electromagnetic Flowmeter provides high accuracy measurement with measuring result not affected by temperature, pressure, viscosity, and density of measured medium.


  • Clean water, sewage water / wastewater.
  • Food & Beverage industry.
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Power plant, hydro power plant and mining.
  • Agricultural irrigation.
  • Pulp & paper industry.
  • Mining and many more.
Compact Electromagnetic Flowmeter



  • No moving parts, no abrasion.
  • No flow enhance equipment.
  • Suits for various of electronic conductivity liquid.
  • Not affected by temperature, viscosity, pressure and density.
  • Anti-corrosion.
  • Measure both forward and reverse flow.
  • Large display, easy to operate.
  • Long-term EEPROM to save data upon power loss.
  • Support MODBUS / HART communication protocol.
  • Wide working voltage range.
  • Self-diagnose system.
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GN int standards

GN Electromagnetic Flowmeter Technical Specifications

Compliant to International Standard


Models Compact Type, Remote Type, Inserted Type
Accuracy 0.2% - 0.5%.
Velocity measuring range 0.05 - 12 m/s
Measuring medium liquid or solid-liquid two phase fluid, conductivity >5 µs/cm2
Flange material Carbon steel
Enclosure IP65 or IP68 (only available on Remote Type)
Size (mm) 6 mm - 2,000 mm
PN PN6, PN10, PN16, PN25, PN40, PN63, PN100, PN160, PN250, PN420, optional
Connection DN6 - DN2000 flange connection (ANSI, DIN, JIS)
Electrode material SS-316L, Hastelloy B, Hastelloy C, Titanium, Tantalum, Tungsten Carbide
Lining material Natural Rubber (soft rubber), Acid Resistant Rubber (hard rubber), Neoprene, FEP, PU, PTFE
Pressure 4.0 Mpa
Display LCD, current clock to indicate flow data, flow rate, totalizer, alarm
Keypad 4 buttons keypad for easy setting and display control
Display Unit m3/h, m3/min, m3/s or L/h, L/min, L/s or mass flow kg/h, kg/min, kg/s, T/h, T/min, T/s. Totalizer unit: m3 or L
Alarm system Coil Alarm, Electrode Alarm, Empty Pipe Alarm, High & Low Level Alarm
Output signal 4-20 mA or pulse output
Communication RS485, support MODBUS protocol (optional), HART (optional)
Power supply AC86-220V or DC24V (optional)
Ambient temperature -3 ~ 65 °C
Ambient humidity < 85% µ.h (non-condensation)

Electromagnetic Flowmeter Types

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