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Micro-bubble Aeration System

Micro-bubble Aeration System

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Micro-Bubble Aeration


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Swan, the world’s leading manufacturer of garden hose and aeration tubing is proud to introduce Aero-Tube™ aeration tubing, the next major advance in water aeration. Building on our extensive knowledge and expertise, we have developed Aero-Tube™ aeration tubing, a more affordable and durable aeration tube (Patent #5,811,164) and one of the most efficient products on the market. Aero-Tube™ products are designed, manufactured and patented specifically for oxygen transfer and aeration efficiency. Aero-Tube™ continuous bubble aeration tubing delivers oxygen in volumes that are unmatched by other systems, and at an energy cost that is often less than half than that of conventional systems. Aero-Tube™ Technology.

The benefits of Aero-Tube™ technology include a major reduction in energy costs, significantly higher oxygen transfer rates per hour, higher dissolved oxygen (DO) levels, and an improved bottom line. To see exactly how Aero-Tube™ outperforms other aeration devices, click onto our Independent Aeration Test Results page.

Aero-Tube™ aeration tubing has been used successfully with a wide range of Aquaculture species and production systems. Whether you are producing shrimp or fish, anywhere you are using traditional aeration systems to oxygenate your water, you can benefit from the efficiency and durability of an Aero-Tube™ system. Aero-Tube™ technology has numerous applications including grow out ponds, raceways, recirculating systems, hatcheries, cage culture and live-haul trucks. Aquaculture Aeration.

In addition to aquaculture, Aero-Tube™ aeration tubing has multiple applications for all levels of wastewater management and treatment (municipal, commercial and industrial) including wastewater lagoon remediation, septic system aeration and agitation. Aero-Tube in Wastewater.

Aero-Tube™ Products

There are many options for using Aero-Tube™ Aeration Tubing Technology.  From tubing alone to complete system design, Swan offers a solution for any aeration challenge. 

Aero-Tube™ Aeration Tubing technology is available in four different presentations:

Aero-Tube Aeration Hose

Aero-Tube™ Aeration Hose - Our aeration hose can be purchased in rolls of 200 feet (61 meters).


Aero-Tube™ Diffuser Bar

12” Aero-Tube™ Diffuser Bars – These tubing sections are weighted with couplings and are used to replace traditional ceramic air stones.  They are more efficient, more durable and easier to clean than air stones.

Click to view video


Aero-Tube™ Diffuser Grid

Aero-Tube™ Diffuser Grids - Our diffuser grids are engineered to optimally use Aero-Tube™ aeration tubing.  They provide a quick and easy solution for implementing our technology in your system.  Simply connect the grids to an air supply and you will immediately enjoy the high efficiency and low costs associated with Aero-Tube™ technology.

Click to view video

Aero-Tube™ Air Lift - An Aero-Tube™ Air Lift is specifically designed to incorporate the technology of Aero-Tube™ aeration tubing and our diffuser grids into a complete aeration system. The Aero-Tube™ Airlift was developed to bring the superior oxygen transfer efficiency of Aero-Tube™ to pond and raceway based systems while also offering the deep mixing of the water column traditional aeration like paddlewheels lack. To see our new aerial comparison of an Aero-Tube Airlift and a standard paddlewheel, Click here.

By utilizing the Aero-Tube™ diffuser grid, the Aero-Tube™ Airlift is modular in design so it can be sized up or down to fit the customer’s specific application. Made of reinforced plastic, it is designed to endure the harshest marine and freshwater environments.

1 - GRID

2 - GRID

3 - GRID

 Airlift 1-Grid  Airlift 2-Grid  Airlift 3-Grid


Click here to see actual time lapse photos showing the Aero-Tube™ Air Lift in action.

To see the impressive results from using Aero-Tube™ please visit Aero-Tube™ Independent Test Results.

In addition to the applications listed above, we will be happy to help you custom design a system that meets your individual needs. Contact us today!


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Merindo Makmur is committed to bring the world’s best technology to give you the best solution for the environment. Our R&D team has undergone years of intensive onsite research and development and has created the best aeration system for wastewater treatment system that would answer the challenges.

aerotube diffuser grid smallAs we know direct aeration is one of the most effective aeration system to provide sufficient oxygen to microbes in Biological treatment process. However, direct aeration system has also bring dilemmas to the user. With our latest innovative Advanced Knock-Down Modular Aeration System (AKMAS) powered by Aero-Tube Diffuser Grid, those dilemmas could be eliminated. Following are the comparison between conventional direct aeration system and our Advanced Knock-Down Modular Aeration System:

Fixed installation & position Modular unit, easy to relocate
Air flow cannot be adjusted per module Air flow can be easily adjusted per module
Air flow cannot be switched off partial or per module Air flow can be easily switched off per module without switching off/affecting other modules (entire system).
Water in the tank have to be drained to do maintenance on the diffuser. Diffuser can be easily plugged off per module and can be easily pull out from the water tank without draining the tank. This process does not affect the entire system.
Position (depth) of diffuser cannot be adjusted as the entire system is a fixed installation. Position of diffuser module (depth) can be easily adjusted individually giving user more flexibility.
Diffuser used might not generate microbubbles meaning lower DO (Dissolved Oxygen) in the aerated water. Aerogrid produces microbubbles meaning higher DO in the aerated water.
Lifetime of diffuser is shorter and some cannot be cleaned if clogging. Aerogrid is made of highly durable material with the anticlogging pores engineering. Cleaning is extremely easy without any chemical.
Air bubble only produced from one side/surface of diffuser. The form factor of Aerogrid introducing 3D surface aeration. Microbubbles comes out from from entire surface of the AeroTube. More surface meaning more air bubble released thus affecting the DO with effective power consumption.

Aero-Tube™ Aeration Tubing Technical Specifications

Air Flow Requirements – Aero-Tube Aeration Tubing
  Per Foot Per Meter Per Grid
m3/second 0.000189 0.00062 0.0125
m3/minute 0.0113 0.037 0.74
m3/hour 0.68 2.23 44.83
l/second 0.189 0.62 12.46
l/minute 11.3 37.06 744.99
l/hour 679.6 2,229.1 44,804.7
CFM 0.40 1.31 26.4


Oxygen Transfer – Fresh and Saltwater
  Per Foot Per Meter Per Grid
Kg O2 per hour – 0 ppt 0.018 0.061 1.21
Kg O2 per hour – 35 ppt 0.046 0.151 3.025


Technical Information for Aero-Tube Aeration Tubing
Outside Diameter 2.54 cm 1 inch
Inside Diameter 1.27 cm 0.5 inch
Wall Thickness 0.635 cm 0.025 inch
Roll Length 61 meters 200 feet
Optimal Flow 2.2 m3/h.m 0.4 cfm
Operation Pressure < 7 kpa < 1 PSI
Tubing Origin USA USA

*) Because of the extremely high porosity of the tubing, the product builds very little internal pressure when operated at recommended flow.

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