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Wastewater Treatment System

Wastewater Treatment System

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BioCleaner Unit

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The BioCleaner system is a revolutionary, breakthrough technology that harnesses the power of nature to treat all types of organic waste, such as residential, commercial, industrial, municipal sectors. The technology has gone through years of research and development in the United States. It can also be used to clean waterways such as rivers lakes and bays effectively.

BioCleaner is a USA patented technology that IMMOBILIZE microbes. It designs, builds and operates patented system for the biological remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater, industrial and municipal effluent.

BioCleaner's Immobilize MicrobesDiffer with other wastewater treatment systems, BioCleaner delivers constant and stable results which constantly produces its own good microbes to treat thewastewater, without the need for the addition of new microbes every day. Microbes used by BioCleaner are working naturally and do not have a modified derivative, and it is totally safe from the risk of pathogens or mutations. Only microbes classified by the US Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as BioSafety Level 1 are use in the BioCleaner.



  • Reduces Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD).
  • The BioCleaner produces zillions of Microbes and the aeration mixes them evenly.
  • Reduces cost for pond maintenance and mixes up to 5m of depth.
  • Eliminates foul odors and aerates up to 2500 sqm.
  • Eats sludge fast and uses less than 2.5Hp per unit.
  • Easily moved to another spot for wider coverage.
  • Easy to assemble and operate on site.
  • Cuts electric bills by 75% compared to others traditional systems.


How Does BioCleaner Work?


Through the BioCleaner system, undesirable wastewater will be biodegraded without leaving sludge even on a very high rate of water with relatively smaller carbon footprint. This innovative process has undergone years of critical research and development in the United States and was crafted to even surpass international regulatory standards treating wastewater by reference of the following parameters:


BOD = 30 ppm, COD = 60 ppm,

TSS = 50 ppm, Coliforms = 3000 MPN / 100 ml


BioCleaner is a very effective technology to produce clear and odorless water as to reduce the need of chlorination which is highly toxic to the surrounding environment.

BioCleaner has a very compact form factor and can be easily adapted to the existing WWT facilities, major changes and addition to the existing facilities could be avoided by the application of BioCleaner.

The key component of BioCleaner technology is the Immobilized Microbe Biological Reactor (IMBR) which is called BioTube and it is paired with a cutting edge aeration device known as AirLift (microbubble generator) to deliver a very efficient amount of oxygen to the water transferring 3.6 Kgs of oxygen per hour, enabling the microbes to have a good source of oxygen.



Advantages of Biocleaner


BioCleaner is a revolutionary breakthrough wastewater treatment technology that will give you the green and effective solution to conserve our environment. BioCleaner technology comes with plenty of advantages:

  • SAFE
    • No Pathogens.
    • Only uses Biosafety Level 1 microbes (CDC classification).
    • No Hazardous Material Handling.
    • Decrease Pests.
    • Uses Natural Approach and Chemical-Free.
    • No Groundwater / Soil Contamination.
    • No Algae Bloom and Bad Odor.
    • Efficient Water Recycling (80%).
    • Low Electricity Consumption (save up to 75% of electricity cost).
    • No Desludging Needed (No Sludge Produced).
    • Low Capital Expenses.
    • Fast and Efficient with Low-Noise.
    • Lower Labor Cost.
    • Smaller Foot Print.
    • Easy to assemble and operate.
    • Can be Retrofitted into Small Tank.
    • High Portability.
    • Highly Expandable.


Applications of BioCleaner


 BioCleaner is perfect for:


Factories, Industrial Parks and Economic Zones

Commercial Municipal

Commercial & Municipal
Malls, Condominiums, Gated Communities, and Hospitals


Chicken and Cow Farms, Piggeries

Natural Waterways

Natural Waterways
Rivers, Lakes, Creeks and Ponds



We provide complete services to give you the best solution for wastewater treatment & management program with the latest technologies. Our goal is to help your company to achieve your commitment to preserve the environment while running your business with ease of your mind.

We will make sure our system WORKS with LOW CAPEX & OPEX.


New Installation


Are you expanding your business? Are you building new factory? Are you building new building (hospital, hotel, apartment, office building, shopping mall)? We will do all the works for you including:


  • Free consultation & advise
  • System & requirement analysis
  • System design & engineering
  • Civil design
  • Project management & inspection
  • Construction
  • Equipments supply
  • Mechanical & electrical installation
  • Commissioning
  • System training
  • System start-up
  • Technical support
New Installation Project


System Upgrade & Improvement


Are you expanding your business? Is your current wastewater treatment system under capacity? Having trouble with your existing system? Is your current system not performing?

We will help you to solve the problems of your current system and make it works according to your expectation.


  • Free consultation & advise
  • System & requirement analysis
  • Problem identification
  • System design & engineering
  • Equipments supply
  • Commissioning
  • System training
  • System start-up
  • Technical support
BioCleaner Retrofit



    • Bar Screen
    • Basket Screen
    • Static Fine Screen
    • Rotary Drum Screen


Biological Treatment

      • Aerobic BioCleaner System
      • Activated Sludge Aerobic System
      • Anaerobic UASB System
      • Anaerobic Lagoon System


Chemical Treatment

        • Coagulation & Flocculation
        • Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF)


Physical Treatment

        • Extended Rectangular Sedimentation System
        • Circular Clarifier System


Reuse & Recycle

        • Gravitational Media Filter
        • Multimedia Filter
        • Ultra-filtration (UF)
        • Reverse Osmosis (RO)


Sludge Handling

        • Sludge Thickener Drum
        • Filter Press
        • Belt Press
        • Sludge Drying Beds

Equipment Supplies

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