Since 2007, PT.Merindo Makmur has worked hard building customized solutions for our customers. We pride ourselves on developing mutually beneficial, long-lasting partnerships by treating each client with the utmost respect, professionalism, and courtesy.

Our Customers :

  • Know we are a premium value-added provider and rely upon our commitment to quality and consistent improvement.
  • Know we have a real passion for serving them and paying close attention to the small details involved with providing best quality product.
  • Value the insight, perspective, and solutions we provide as an industry thought leader through our website, newsletter and social media outlets.
  • Value genuine, long-term commitment from a trusted resource.
  • Contact us to find out what our product give do for them. We in turn focus on their needs, thoughts, concerns, and objectives. We are all about earning trust and providing Best Product Quality.

The Customer Oriented Company


We support those we work with and help to build the effectiveness of we team to achieve the best results


We enable other to trust us and produce satisfiers by delivering on our accountabilities and standing by decisions when they are made.

Integrity & Respect

We take ownership and act fairly, ethically and openly in all we do, we respect and value those we work with, and the contributions that they make.


We reinvent ourselves constantly in relation to new product, services, markets, our own business processes and our customer communications