Industry solutions

There are good reasons for the anilox roller being the core element of the printing press; not least the direct impact that its performance has on your printing results. We have a deep understanding of the interlinked factors involved, and make constant efforts to ensure that our anilox rollers optimise your printing procedures. We offer you a wide selection of different designs, roller formats, coatings, anilox engraving technologies and much else besides. Our product portfolio is sure to contain the right industry solutions for your specific needs.

Regardless of whether your operation involves bottle labels, barcodes or type- and serial-number plates, we can supply – as a manufacturer of anilox rollers – an optimum solution for every requirement which covers the entire spectrum of printing and finishing options. Our tough ceramic coating, supplied both to steel cylinders and aluminium sleeves, helps ensure faster job-changes. We focus entirely on the needs of your particular printing machine.

The demand for versatile solutions

Label printing can be applied to a wide range of substrates. Our customised anilox rollers and sleeves are designed to cater to this diversity of applications and deliver perfect printing results.

Optimal results with our rollers

Minimal waste requirements and tight colour tolerances place maximum demands on the cell-engraving of anilox rollers. Our anilox solutions let you achieve optimal reproducibility with respect to your fingerprint and printing jobs. We don’t force you to make concessions, as homogeneous solid tones and smooth inking performance produce soft, natural gradations. Our anilox rollers also open up new horizons for you in terms of HD flexo printing in all colour systems, with particular reference to UV inks.

Packaging materials need to be ever-more sophisticated, lighter in weight and lower in cost. The need to strike a balance between economic efficiency, environmental sustainability and constantly changing, new creative ideas is a major challenge for the sector. Our anilox rollers allow you to react accordingly, as you tackle your individual printing requirements.

As pioneers in the field of anilox rollers, we cooperate with all the renowned major manufacturers of printing machines, and will be happy to advise you regarding the optimum anilox roller combination for your particular area of application.

High quality benchmarks

Just as repro departments determine the characteristics of your printing services, we maintain minimum tolerances when it comes to the cell volumes of our anilox rollers. This reduces the setup times of your printing machine, while letting you quickly achieve – and then maintain constant – the CMYK colour balance. You can as a result quickly print your designs on a wide range of substrates, including PE, PP, OPP, HDPE, LDPE, MDPE, OPP, PP, PA/PE, COEX, PP-woven, aluminium composite, organic film, etc., regardless of what you are working with halftones of 54 or 60 LPI or more.

Our contribution to your goals

Our anilox rollers allow you to print packaging-film materials even with water-based coloured inks, thereby fulfilling the current tendency to use environment-friendly packaging materials. The outstanding drainage performance of our anilox rollers lets you transfer the ink perfectly, helping to ensure the stability of both new and repeat print jobs. You can therefore concentrate on your actual main day-to-day task – that of printing!

Whether you need packaging materials, brochures, catalogues or large-area offset prints – our anilox solutions deliver a high-quality standard of finish that lets you stand out from the crowd. Our ceramic anilox rollers will convince you, with a massive range of applications that runs from homogeneous surfaces up to those that involve multiple coatings. You can also use our anilox rollers with any coating system, all with the permanent benefits of stable adhesion behaviour and high operating performance.

Coating Finish

Coating finishes offer countless creative possibilities. Our anilox rollers are ideal for use with dispersion, UV or blister coatings. Thanks to their special geometric properties, our ceramic anilox rollers are optimised to meet the requirements of various coatings. Our gravure configurations help you achieve homogeneous surfaces of up to 95 gloss units, with anything from high-gloss coatings to extraordinary applications.

Special-effect coatings

A wide range of different finishes lets you add a certain something to your printed matter. We have developed special gravure formats that provide you with various ways of applying special-effect coatings, such as those involving gold and silver, Iriodin or matt-gloss (drip-off) finishes.

Rewettable rubber coating

Rewettable rubber coatings are used for mailshots, application forms, order forms or premier marking systems. We are also able, as a result of a programme of intensive research conducted in cooperation with renowned adhesive manufacturers, to use anilox rollers to apply a rewettable rubber coating on top of your substrate finish.

Our anilox rollers are also suitable for use, in addition to their flexo printing applications, in different coating machines. Whether they involve lacquering, siliconising, adhesives or hot-melt – the possibilities and needs of the coating sector are both diverse and demanding. Our long experience in these fields means that we can offer you a high level of processing reliability with excellent results to match.


Silicone coatings are becoming increasingly popular in various branches of industry, thanks to their tolerance of high temperatures, resistance to chemicals and high separation efficiency. Our anilox roller solutions for the coating sector allow you to siliconise high-quality films, adhesive tapes and paper.


Our ceramic hot-melt rollers have a significantly longer service life than steel or chrome cylinders. A system of partial gravure allows laser engraving to be limited to those areas that will subsequently be used for hot-melt purposes, thereby providing your anilox roller solution with good potential for resource savings.

Adhesive application

Adhesives enjoy widespread use in modern packaging technology, as well as playing an absolutely vital role in many other areas of application. Our anilox rollers allow you to apply adhesive cleanly in a way that ensures reliable reproduction. The very good drainage performance of our chrome rollers means that they are in great demand for this application.

Melamine-resin coating

Coating with melamine resin is used above all in the furniture and interior-design sectors to create smooth surfaces that are also resistant to fluids and scratching. Our anilox solutions let you take full advantage of the properties of this coating material.

PVDC coating

Coatings consisting of polyvinylidene chloride, or PVDC for short, are used use in the area of barrier films. Our anilox rollers designed especially for this segment can likewise help you to deliver top-quality performance for your resulting end-products. Their special qualities also allow you to benefit from a longer service life.

The printing of corrugated cardboard has continued to develop considerably in recent years, in terms of both pre- and post-printing. In addition to traditional print jobs, those involving fine line definitions and increasing quality demands are now the order of the day. We can of course transfer our high standards from other areas of flexo printing, including those that involve large anilox rollers, and apply them to the printing of corrugated cardboard. Our widely renowned, top-quality anilox roller gravure can then be used on your behalf for anything from steel cylinders to CFRP sleeves.