Simple Operation Through Electrode system swiveling by 180°

Fast and simple check of electrodes

Easy opening of housing of electrode for fast and comfortable service

Easy adjusment at each electrode clamp.

Proven and Functional

Operating Position

Standby Position

Service Position


  • Treatment of film, foil, paper and textiles
  • One-, two- or alternating treatment
  • Working width up to 5 000 mm
  • Web speed up to 1000 m/min
  • Max. thickness of substrates 2 mm (bigger on request)
  • Robust frame for mounting on ground level
  • Electrodes made of ceramic, stainless steel or aluminium
  • Treatment roll with silicone, ceramic or stainless steel coating
  • Removable cover of electrodes for easy and comfortable service


  • Nip roll for avoiding reverse-side treatment
  • Treatment roll with drive to avoid film slippage
  • Treatment roll with cooling
  • Chain intake for easy threading of the substrates
  • Micro-adjustment for scaled setting of the discharge gap
  • Changeover unit for alternating treatment or switching on/off of electrode groups
  • Spreader roll for wrinkle free treatment
  • Thickness control for max. process reliability
  • Short stroke to minimize reject
  • Operating panel mounted at discharge station

Your Advantages

  • Station in a robust frame for ground level fastening
  • Swiveling electrode system for fast and easy access
  • Removable cover of electrodes for easy and comfortable cleaning and service
  • Easy adjustment at each electrode clamp
  • Mounting of high performance ceramic or metal type electrodes
  • Easy and comfortable threading of webs