The F1 machines are defined as excellence in the world of flexography printing with a central drum

With advanced technical solutions, they allow printing at high speeds, thanks to their robustness and drying capacity. The F1 is particularly designed for working with long runs and large repeats.

Main benefits for you

Cingular Modules

Faster setpoints, less shrinkage, more benefits.

The job changeovers in flexo presses generate waste in web and inks that have a significant impact in the profit and loss account. The current trend to reduce runs implies more changeovers, an increase in the total waste generated during the setpoints and a loss in machine efficiency. At Comexi we have launched a set of solutions that adapt to the difference scenarios facing our clients. The CINGULAR MODULES offer automatic and semi-automatic features, with or without a mark, adapted to the specific requirements of our industry.


  • Automatic printer unit pressures and register system.
  • Use of trademark.
  • Average waste generated throughout the 100 m process on one side and according to the repeat.
  • Inspection system with camera.


  • Automatic printing unit pressure setpoint system.
  • Waste generated in the process between 20 and 160 m (with an average of 90 m) according to the repeat.
  • Suitable module for adding to the CReg semi-automatic register module without marks.


  • Semi-automatic register setpoint system for third party manufacturers.
  • Without specific marks.
  • Inspection system with camera.
  • The CINGULARPress2 module can be added to improve the automation.


  • Automatic system for printing unit pressures and register without dedicated marks.
  • Printing unit pressure setpoint using the 100% print view.
  • Register setpoint using the 100% print view and comparing it with the digital file (PDF) used to create the plates.
  • Average waste generated throughout the 200 m process.
  • 100% inspection system with state-of-the-art linear camera.

Excellence with the most efficient cleaning system

The Comexi SelfCleaning is an automatic system that manages the ink supply to the print, and cleans the ink chamber, the anilox, ink tanks and connection hoses in the circuit. The system adapts to water-based inks and solvent-based inks. Its high level of automation makes it possible to program different cycles (from light to intensive) to adapt solvent and time consumption to your needs. These advantages combined with the easy use thanks to the simple interface, complete a system designed according to the highest standards of efficiency.

INTEGRATION AND ERGONOMICS : The SelfCleaning is built into the actual machine frame. Its ergonomic arrangement provides for easy operator access and facilitates the maintenance tasks for all elements. The system includes tanks for the solvent that connect to solvent recovery equipment, achieving safe and fully automatic operation.

Control Over The Ink : It includes built-in online viscometers to automatically regulate the viscosity in the values set up as optimum for printing. An upgrade of the standard version also includes a temperature regulating system in order to maintain the ink working temperature. The new electronic control allows continuous control over the working and performance of the various valves, saving large amounts of ink and reducing costs.

Machine Screen Controls : Visualising the system parameters via the PLC allows you to control the process from start to finish. The impulse and time screens provide preventive maintenance, minimising the machine stops as well as achieving the system’s best setpoint.



With high performance electronics, we achieve excellent register and faster printing unit pressure control, thanks to the co-ordination of the Gearless, the CNC, the video system and the software installed. Precision, durability and low maintenance are the characteristics to highlight in the Comexi F1.

The simple, reliable and considerably smaller design that fits in with our In&Out philosophy, facilitates the sleeve changeover. The XTRAC system unblocks and removes the sleeve from its working position making its removal easier and more comfortable. It adapts to any format to extract the plate cylinder sleeve without having to move the intermediate sleeves. Passive safety is a differentiating element at Comexi.

The F1 ensures a precise print thanks to the Monoblock cast side frames, the highly reinforced bearing supports supported by double preloaded linear guides. The use of carbon fibre in the various PC, AX shafts and intermediate sleeves, and the design of the shafts with the largest diameter possible, minimise possible bends and therefore increase the print speed and quality.

The control panel combines the advantages of a work desk and a control panel. Concentrated and safe.