The entire range includes: PUR hotmelt adhesives, hotmelts based on EVA, polyolefin, polyester, PSA, dispersions based on PVAC, EVA, acrylate, PUR, one and two component adhesives, epoxy adhesives, foams and sealant compounds.

One Component Systems

These adhesives cure through cross linking with moisture from the air and the substrate. The bonds are extremely strong and temperature and water resistant.

Two Component Systems

Through targeted addition of a hardener (catalyst), PUR adhesives fulfill given production time frames with all of the desired bonding properties. Two component PUR systems are not dependent on moisture.

KLEIBERIT PUR Assembly Foams

Available are one and two component systems depending on the application. PUR foams are practical products for filling, installing and sealing. The handy cans or cartridges are offered with and without propellant.

Condensation Resin Glues

The pre-made resin glues are mixed with water and pressed in presses between 70°C and 120°C. They develop a hard adhesive joint with water resistance according to DIN / EN 12765 (C1-C4).


These adhesive are based on resins and hardeners reacting to create an extremely stable thermosetting plastic after cross linking. The strength values of the bond can be increased through targeted addition of heat during curing.


Good adhesion properties to different plastics coupled with high temperature resistance with an economical price-performance ratio.

PUR Hotmelt Adhesives

These hotmelt adhesive systems react with moisture from the material to be bonded or the working environment, e.g. the air; meaning in addition to the physical effect through the hardening of the liquid adhesive, there is also an additionally chemical reaction which positively influences the bond properties.

KLEIBERIT Dispersion Adhesives

White glues have a long tradition in bonding and the largest prevalence. These adhesive systems are water based. The bonding effect, strength build-up, takes place physically through water evaporation.


Primer is an adhesive agent between the adhesive and substrate. It improves the bond on surfaces which are typically difficult to bond to. 


Sealants cure through cross linking of the polymers with moisture in the air. They are used for sealing construction joints, glazing, tile work, connecting different materials and are very elastic and have high mechanical strength.

Solvent Based Adhesives

These adhesives are processed by one or two sided application on the substrate to be bonded.  The dissolved resins, which make the bond possible, are kept liquid by means of the solvent.