Classic with innovation – The established solution for intelligent surface treatment


Simple operation through electrode system swivelable by 180°

Option : Easy Change, quick exchange of electrodes without tools Easy Change System up to 2000 mm ww

Easy Change, plug & play template to lock in the electrode system

Easy Change, quick release fastener for electrode system

Proven and Functional

Swiveling system for fault-free operation with a maximum machine time

Operating Position
Autonomous opening and closing of the electrode system when film is thicker.

Standby Position
Simple threading-in of the film

Service Position
Convenient access for rapid controlling and service

For years Corona Classic has been the proven standard solution for the surface treatment handling of plastic films, metalized films, paper and textiles.

Finishing of plastic films …

  • Improved adhesion of printing inks, coatings and laminated layers
  • Refreshment of corona treatment in printing-, coating- and lamination-lines

Metal coils …

  • Improvement of adhesion and ultra-fine cleaning

Paper …

  • Faster and bigger absorption of water; improved adhesion of coatings

Textile / non-woven …

  • Improved absorption and adhesion of finishing


  • Simple web threading and service through swiveling electrode system
  • Suitable for every web guidance and installation position
  • Maximum productivity through autonomous opening and closing in case of slice or film thickening
  • Effective electrode cooling ensures a long endurance of the ceramic electrodes
  • Simple and reliable process control through speed-dependent control of the generator performance
  • Permanent optical control through open design
  • Perfect safety technology through optimal design as well as EMC shielding without interfering radiation
  • High workplace safety through monitoring of the exhaust


  • Single- or two-sided treatment
  • Working width up to 3500 mm
  • Web speed up to 1000 m/min
  • Material thickness up to 3 mm
  • Electrode systems with ceramic, metal rod or metal profile electrodes
  • Treatment rollers made of aluminum with ceramic, silicone or stainless steel surface
  • Optimized and controlled extraction system


  • Nip roller for avoiding reverse-side treatment
  • Treatment rollers with drive for avoiding film slippage
  • Chain intake for simple threading of the films
  • Micro-adjustment for scaled setting of the discharge gap
  • Changeover unit for alternating treatment or switching on/off of electrode groups
  • Easy Change system for rapid electrode change without tools