Full Range of Digital and Analog Flexo Plates

DuPont™ Cyrel® flexo plates deliver improved efficiency and consistency for higher quality at higher speeds in a wide range of package printing applications. 

A full range of digital and analog Cyrel® flexo plates and sleeves are available for both thermal and solvent workflows.

Cyrel® FAST Platemaking Workflow

The introduction of the thermal process Cyrel® FAST platemaking workflow has brought rapid access platemaking to a packaging industry where every minute counts. The elimination of solvents or the need for a drying step has cut down flexo plate processing time to as little as a half hour.

Cyrel® FAST flexo plates are designed to enable increased productivity, exceptional on-press performance and reduced environmental footprint.

Cyrel® Solvent Platemaking Workflow

For printers and printer converters who continue to prefer a solvent platemaking workflow, we offer a wide range of solvent-processable plates for flexible packaging, tag & label, corrugated packaging and beverage carton applications.

Cyrel® solvent-processable flexo plates are designed to provide the optimum balance of quality, productivity and speed.

Cyrel® Flexo Plates to Meet Your Needs

You can choose from a full range of digital and analog solutions to find the optimum Cyrel® flexo plate that meets your specific workflow and printing application needs.